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Purchasing Disinfectants.

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Food Safe.

FloraLife® D.C.D.® Cleaner can be used on food contact surfaces. These include: food processing areas, restaurant counters and tables, company cafeterias, microwaves, eating room tables, break rooms, and many more. Check product label for proper use directions.

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DIY Disinfecting Wipes

Want to know how to make your own disinfecting wipes using the FloraLife® Cleaning Products?       

It's easier than you think to make effective high-quality wipes at home!                                                            

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Safe Delivery.

If you are in the business of delivering goods, don't forget to clean and disinfect your delivery vehicles several times a day to protect your employees as well as the recipients of the packages. FloraLife has the disinfectants you need.

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High Traffic Areas.

According to studies, coronaviruses may persist on surfaces from a few hours to up to several days. So why take a chance? In order to lower the risk of spreading infections, hard surfaces that are touched often or by more than one person need to be cleaned and disinfected often. FloraLife has the cleaners  that meet the EPA criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2, the novel Coronavirus. See EPA list N.

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Results That Last.

For longer lasting results, use disinfectant cleaners that have a residual effect!

One of the many advantages of using FloraLife® D.C.D® and FloraLife® MicroBLOC® disinfectants over bleach is their  “residual activity”.

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Ready To Use

Did you know that FloraLife® DCD® and FloraLife® MicroBLOC® come in a ready-to-use spray formats? This means that no diluting is needed and no rinsing for surfaces other than food contact areas. Simply spray onto the surfaces that you would like to disinfect, let air dry and you are ready to go!   

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What is the difference between FloraLife® D.C.D.® and FloraLife® MicroBLOC®?


DCD is just the thing our workplace needs to help keep our employees protected and safe.  

Tim W, Safety Professional

I love these cleaners!  It's a great feeling knowing that I'm helping to keep everyone in my house healthy.

Heather B, Dedicated Mother

Best cleaners I have used.  Dries quick and no need to rinse with water.

Laura R, Office Manager

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